Choosing a NTLW Body Shop

What the Bureau of the NTLW provides to you

Higher Vehicle Resale Value

Did you know that the resale value of your vehicle is affected even after you have had it properly repaired. The NTLW protects you against this.

Nationwide Coverage

Many Body Shop warranties are only are available locally. No matter where you move the NTLW has you covered.


Most Body Shop warranties become void if you sell, trade or even if you change insurance companies. The NTLW ensures this won’t happen to you.

Verified Repair Shops

The warranty of any Body Shop will indicate if they are able to repair your vehicle right or not. By selecting a NTLW verified shop you can rest assured your covered.


The NTLW has been established as a third party consumer protection agency.

Insured & Bonded

Every year hundreds of Body Shops are sold or go out of business. That leaves you without a warranty. The NTLW facilitates and bonds every warranty so you will be covered.

Ask your local Auto Body Shops if they are approved by The NTLW Bureau